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Tom Merigan


Realtor/Keller Williams Cupertino
20230 Stevens Creek Blvd. Ste. E

Tom Merigan

Cupertino CA 95014
Phone (408) 559-1069
Fax (408) 850-6901
Email tmerigan@yahoo.com

Keller Williams


With inventory diminishing daily and multiple offers being extremely common, it is of great importance that you position yourself to have the "Best Chance" to get your offer accepted. You enhance your chance of buying property of your choice by doing the following:


  1. Get pre-approved for the purchase. This takeslittle time and is of great value. Identify the price range for which you qualify and fits your lifestyle.
  2. Submit a strong competitive offer. Submit the offer as if there will be multiple offers. Include substantial earnest money deposit.
    Acceptance of an offer is sometimes determined by the amount of the deposit. A larger amount may signify a bigger commitment to the seller.
  3. Minimize or eliminate contingencies. The fewer contingencies when buying property, the stronger the offer will be. Make a buyer profile available.
    When buying property always make these things available in your profile time on the job, flexibility, reason for purchasing seller's home, etc.
  4. Be prepared to preview a new property quickly. When buying property time is gold so be sure to always be prepared and ready to be on the go.
    Homes sell sometimes in hours. Be prepared to make decisions quickly and be accessible to change the terms instantly.


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With an abundance of up and coming tech professionals, many Silicon Valley business start ups begin here. The area is home to big dreamers who capitalize on the networking framework. From bio tech careers to chip makers, companies such as Cisco, Apple, Google, eBay, Linkedin, and Facebook all began with an idea. The resources are here, and cutting edge technology thrives as it forms within Silicon Valley in Northern California.



Downtown Campbell California


The Bay Area has a network of excellent professionals. And thanks to the founder of Relocation Silicon Valley, the task to become familiar with the area is brighter, for residents and would be residents.  Relocation Silicon Valley is helping people get to know the real estate market and the valley itself.



Downtown Mountain View California


The Silicon Valley can be quite expensive, the area near the coast is a metropolis, better known as the hub of software technology.
Silicon Valley is packed with all the possible accommodations and activities and especially works, all within minimum reach. There are plenty of real estate agents that work in the area to help people discover a great property and Tom Merigan one who has been relocating individuals and families for some time. 
He brings an experience to his program that helps customers to understand better, having all their questions answered.

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